Check these out - some good places to visit - and if you are involved in supporting local music in one way or another let me know I will add your site!   - Keep Smilin' - Scott    My favorite event!  Keep Posted on 2010's show - the event is always the 3rd Friday of June & features great music, bbq, kids stuff, beer garden & More - my header pic is from there! :  Great Pics and more from so many of Auburns fun events, including Party in the Park & More - Kurt is a great photographer - enjoy this site!  KVMR 89.5 FM is a very special place, much more than a spot on the dial - KVMR provides a refuge from the commercial options presented out there - while they don't please all the people all the time, the surely have something for all the people some of the time - I will not mention names because I do not have the spece - but thank you all for doin' what you do! , 90.3 ain't to shabby either - just doesn't come in that great in Auburn!  - but they deserve a spot on a memory button & as technology grows - tune in online! Keep Smilin' Promotions is on the Northern California Blues Festival team for 2010... it's going to be a great one! Jason handles much of  Keep Smilin' sound and recording - not to mention a pretty good bassist!  - Keep up on local Auburn Events - A Great site for events all over the Sacramento Area - emusic is the best source I know of for live music! - Gabe is a great sound man, I have worked with him for years - indoors or out, he is hard to beat - you have seen him at Party In The Park, Isleton Crawdad Festival, American River Music Festival, Auburn's BBQ & Blues, - and so many more great events!  - - I haven't met April yet, but I can tell her heart is in the right place!  - sign up for Mountain Beats email - lots of fun stuff goin on or - Festival John does these sites keepin' people in touch about Foothill music - he sucks at returning emails, but has a great ear and his reviews are right on - I will help support any and all who support local music in my back yard!  Thanks John

Jeff maintains a fun place to float down the streat


Me & Gabe (Clarity Sound)